credit card issuing servicesCorserv provides credit card program (MasterCard and Visa) support services to our clients. Our typical clients are financial institutions who wish to extend their credit card offerings to relationship consumers and businesses and to control a rich customer experience at key touch points.

Corserv Holdings, Inc., doing business as Corserv, is a credit card technology and portfolio management company that enables financial institutions (FIs) to confidently and profitably expand or enter the credit card program.

Founded in Atlanta in 2009, our senior management and IT teams have worked together for decades in the payment system space. We have done this before successfully. This 4th generation solution employs the latest agile development practices, open source technology, open APIs, and tokenization for security while leveraging our knowledge of credit issuing business processes and regulations to create optimized and secure programs for our clients. We spent 5 years developing and implementing our latest solution while achieving PCI compliance before launching live programs with clients in 2014.

We provide open APIs that interact directly with our turnkey browser-based interface. Our recommended marketing programs, proprietary loan origination and decisioning settings and rules, and robust analytics and reporting result in lower credit and fraud losses and higher portfolio yields for our clients. Our solution empowers FIs to cross-sell credit cards (and other financial products), decision new account applications, service existing cardholders, and optimize self servicing for cardholders, business client program managers, and FI staff.

We deliver technology in connection with innovative partnership structures, competitive card products, and sophisticated risk management, compliance and analytic tools.

Timeline for Corserv Holdings, Inc.

2009 – 2011

  • Founded and funded by management team
  • Prioritized payment system requirements starting with credit card issuing
  • Established secure hosted data centers
  • Built credit card issuing prototypes
  • Provided credit card advisory services

2012 – 2014

  • Built out credit card issuing platform
  • Obtained PCI DSS compliance certification
  • Signed first client multi-year contracts
  • Added non-management minority investors
  • Commercial operation for consumer and business credit card issuing

2015 – 2018

  • Adding features & functionality for credit card issuing
  • Expanded card products with Purchasing, and POS Financing
  • Added Cardholder controlled limits and alerts.
  • Made modifications to meet ongoing payment industry requirements
  • Adding clients and expanding scale

2018 – Present

  • Added Low Rate Prime+2.99% Product
  • Expanded card products with Virtual, Ghost, Fleet, and ePayables support
  • Created and offered a free expense reporting system with Business and Commercial Cards
  • Complemented browser-based UIs with a branded cardholder mobile app for banks
  • Adding clients and expanding scale