Account Issuing Open APIs

Corserv’s flexible and frictionless APIs empower our partner banks and fintechs to fully control the user experience of their payment products. Our feature rich API ecosystem provides access to the data and services that drive your custom-tailored solutions.

Our APIs are built using industry standard security and ease of use. You can access all services in a fully functional test and integration environment to ensure a smooth production implementation. Below is a small example of the APIs available to our partners. Please contact us for more information.

  • Activate Credit Card
  • View Account Information (e.g. Balance, Remaining Credit, Payment Amount Due, Payment Due Date)
  • Make payments on card balance
  • Get status and redeem rewards
  • View Transactions and Authorizations
  • View Statement Images
  • Set Limit Controls and Alerts
  • Enroll/Un-enroll in E-statements

Sample API: