Corserv provides a full-service, turnkey solution.

We host it, issue your branded credit cards, provide recommended configuration settings, provide regulatory reporting data – everything you need to quickly implement a profitable card issuing business for your consumer and business customers.

Typical implementation timeline for Account Issuer Program:

Typical implementation timeline for Account Issuer Program

Corserv Implementation/Start-up Support Includes:

  • Project Implementation led by PMP-certified project management team within 90-150 days of contract
  • Set up Client branding across customer communications
  • Corserv’s Processor partner configuration setup including plastics, EMV, statement build out, settlement, authorizations, Falcon fraud management system and more
  • Access to Corserv cardholder & Client portals, credit decision & origination system (CDOS), data warehouse & decision support system and single sign on
  • Access to Corserv account policies, procedures and strategies with custom underwriting setup, cardholder disclosures, train the trainer support, rewards loyalty program set up and more

Corserv’s partner Sponsor Bank Account Issuing Support Includes:

  • Facilitated by Corserv, Sponsor Bank and Client will establish credit card pricing and other terms and conditions, underwriting guidelines and the form of all customer disclosures for the program
  • Sponsorship into Card Networks and access to multiple consumer, business and corporate card products
  • Establishing and maintaining credit card accounts for Client, originate advances to accounts and settle transactions on the accounts with the applicable payment system network and other third parties
  • Selling all receivables and collections arising from accounts to Client daily at par value of the principal receivables
  • Provide daily report

Access to Corserv’s Cardholder Adoption Marketing Capabilities:

  • Bulk email campaigns
  • Personalized email campaigns based on analytics
  • Traditional paper mail campaigns
  • Branch cardholder adoption campaigns

Corserv’s Account Issuing Business Analytics and Reporting:

  • Corserv will track and report and manage key drivers of profitability through fact-based decisions, working with our clients to optimize profitability.

Credit Card Profitability Drivers:

credit card profitability