Portfolio growthCredit Card Consulting Services to analyze and improve your credit card business. Corserv has developed an innovative business model that combines the turn-key simplicity of Agent Bank offerings with the added strategic benefits of owning a credit card loan portfolio & related P & L.

Card branding, processing, technology, comprehensive program management, account issuer & servicing responsibilities along with pricing are bundled.

FIs now have the opportunity to:

  • Cost effectively enter the business
  • Own a high yielding diversified asset
  • Accelerate time to market (120 days or less)
  • Mitigate risks associated with credit card issuance

New and Replacement Upgrade Card Issuing Programs

The Corserv Solutions team will consult with you to review your product mix, marketing and risk management strategies and help you fine tune them. We also offer support for compliance, marketing, application processing, and account management, and we have experience managing accounting systems of record settings, authorizations/fraud settings, marketing, collateral management, and EMV technology. We can help Financial Institutions both simplify and add sophistication to their credit card programs.

Leading-edge, Proprietary Technology — Customized for You

We streamline management of large ($50+ million) credit card portfolios. We will customize our powerful browser-based technology platform to enhance your customers’ experience and automate risk management control. Our processor-independent technology includes credit card decisioning and origination, cardholder servicing, branch employee servicing portal, business program administrator portal, and data warehousing and decision making.

Improve Return on Assets

Corserv will optimize portfolio growth with service and profitability objectives. The program provides a focus on increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of new account acquisitions, account retention and activation as well as guidance on product design, risk management controls and pricing strategies to enable clients to achieve predictable ROA objectives.

The Right Tools and Experience Can be Your Strategic Advantage
Achieving peak performance requires the right combination of technology and people. We know how to use the tools, ask the right questions and dedicate the time to see a project through its lifecycle. Our executives and leaders have successfully managed numerous credit card programs with assets ranging from startups to billions of dollars.