This is our teams 4th generation solution for account issuing, having successfully implemented and sold the companies that owned our prior solutions. This time we are leveraging our deep industry experience plus improved technology and efficient hosting to provide the best turnkey credit card issuing solution yet.  Our solution is based on modern Java technology with open web service APIs and agile development to reduce time and efforts for integration and new/enhanced features.

Our proprietary browser-based technology empowers FIs to cross-sell credit cards (and other financial products), decision new account applications, service existing cardholders, and offer self servicing options

Our Proven Technology supports our Account Issuer program with four (4) integrated Information Technology modules.

Modern Technology:

Corserv has modern, open technology modules based on Java, open APIs, and agile development, coupled with deep expertise in credit card issuing business processes that clients can license to create a world-class credit card issuing business.

Corserv’s Integrated Credit Card Issuing Modules:

corserv integrated credit card issuing modules

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