ePayables with Virtual and Ghost Cards

​Corserv’s Purchasing Card (Pcard) product includes support for ePayables including Virtual and Ghost Cards.  It is the fastest growing product for Banks using Corserv’s credit card issuing programs.

Corserv’s Pcard with ePaybles solution includes:

  • Traditional Plastic Cards:
    Purchasing for supplies and operations
    Corporate Travel & Entertainment expenses
  • Company cards assigned to specific employees with individually customized credit limits
  • Ghost Cards for preferred vendors:
    plastic-less purchasing card account issued to a specific vendor/supplier, potentially for recurring payments
  • Virtual Cards for AP invoice settlement:
    Single or limited use virtual card number
  • 12 open fields for sending AP data
  • Single or bulk card creation(e.g. monthly virtual card run to pay vendors)
  • Consolidated for company or individual level billing & payment
  • Cash back rewards; Rebates set per customer on Purchasing Card
  • Extensive Spend controls and alerts