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  • Small Business Credit Cards: How Community Banks Can Harness the Opportunity – Visa/AT-Kearney

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community banks should take a proactive approach to succeed in the small business credit card space”

  • Use Visa’s small business insights and opportunities to help drive growth

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“The results of a recently conducted joint study showed that business credit cards are an important product for small businesses.”

…small business owners are frustrated with their inability to get credit quickly
The U.S. small business credit card space appears to be both a sluggish product vertical and a critically underserved market representing opportunity at the same time.

smaller issuers like community banks and credit unions must innovate, differentiate and leverage their unique assets to successfully compete

Small-business cards account for $430 billion in spending, or about 1 in every 6 dollars spent on general purpose cards.1

1 Mercator Advisory Group, Small Business Credit Cards: The Key to Richer Customer Relationships, November 2015