Portfolio Growth

Portfolio growthCorserv provides advisory services, trains the trainer, provides program implementation and client on-boarding, and tailors template marketing material for campaigns that acquire new credit card account customers and cross-sell/up-sell existing customers.

Portfolio Analysis, Recommendations, and Projections

Corserv’s robust data models, analytics tools, and reports enable us to provide fact-based credit card portfolio analysis, recommendations, and projections taking into portfolio segmentations, account income from net interchange, fees, and loan interest, and expenses from cost-of-funds, credit losses, fraud losses, rewards redeemed, marketing, and other operating expenses.

Credit Card Account Issuing Advisory

Corserv’s subject matter experts provide advice on credit card issuing business including recommended credit policy and strategy, origination and decisioning guidelines and parameters, settings to optimize consumer, business, commercial, and purchase card performance, virtual card implementations, advice on risk mitigation in operations, system testing, etc.

Backup for Processing and Servicing

Corserv can provide backup servicing for your card portfolio loans.