Decision Support System (DSS)

​Corserv’s DSS module provides a robust data warehouse containing over 900 data elements to effectively manage a credit card issuing business with interactive customizable reporting.

Decision Support System

Decision Support System:

  • Data Warehouse
  • Personalized/Targeted Offers
  • Cross-sell & Prequalification
  • Branch/Officer Action Tracking
  • Cardholder Master File
  • Monetary Transaction File with Enhanced Data for P-Card BINs
  • Company Master File
  • Integration with Concur, Certify, and Quickbooks
  • Statistical, Analytical, CDF3, and Management Reporting
  • Automated Settlement Engine
  • Comprehensive Data Models
  • Cardholder & Applications
    • Flexible Reporting for all Expertise Levels
    • Business Intelligence (BI) Software – Analysis Tables, Grids & Cubes
    • Portfolio Segment & Account/Application Analysis
    • Targeted Information Needs
  • Risk, Marketing, Compliance
  • Settlement and Financial Analysis
  • Operations
    • Integrated Access Controls Based on Roles & Permissions
    • Five Custom Reports for each Login Id