Financial Institution/Client Administrative Self-service Portal

​Corserv’s Financial Institution/Client administrative interface enables administrators and customer service representatives (CSRs) to enter/review credit applications, access cardholder data and administrative reports, and administer the credit card program.

Customer Service and Client Portal:

  • Branded for the Client
  • Create role-based customer service and bank users with access to some/all of the administration features
    • View Cardholders’ Account Information, Transactions and Authorizations; View Statement Images
    • Enter Payments, Activate Credit Cards, Un-enroll in E-statements
    • Administer Online Targeted Offers
    • Access Business Program Administration Accounts
    • Enter Applications, Upload of Credit Documentation
    • Access Application Approval Work Queue Manager; Review applications, make credit decisions
    • Administer credit line increases
    • Perform User Administration
    • Access Reporting Portal
  • Client Administrator set up initially, then able to register other roles/users
  • Supports Single Sign-on capability via ADFS interface
  • Provides Security and Privacy policies
  • Provides access information for Branch Servicing Hotline
  • Enables Real-time Branch Cardholder Payments
  • Automated Settlement