Program Administrator Portal (mobile accessible)

​Corserv’s Program/Business Administration interface enables business administrator to access cardholder data for the company, issue new cards, set company cardholders limits and spend controls, and administer the program for the company.

Client-branded, Mobile-responsive UI Browser-based

  • Issue new cards within overall company credit limit
  • Issue Virtual, Ghost, and Fleet cards single or in batch, with fields/support for ePayables
  • Administration of Spending Controls for business cards including MCC restrictions
  • Multiple business admin Hierarchies
  • Role-based access to business cardholder balances and transactions
  • Billing/limit Options for individual or individual with aggregate group limits
  • Reporting (including Rebate reporting)
  • Integration with Expense Management Tools Spending Controls
  • Multiple Card Delivery Options
  • Card and Credit Limit Management
  • Review, approve, and manage expense reports
  • Make Payments and manage bank accounts for payments
  • Large Ticket Tracking Reports
  • Spending Analysis Integration with G/L & Expense Management Solutions: Concur & Certify
  • Multi-factor authentication required for registration assurance; site key and passphrase additionally used to avoid phishing
  • Provides Security and Privacy policies, FAQs, and Contact Information