Program Administrator Portal (mobile accessible)

​Corserv’s Program/Business Administration interface enables business administrator to access cardholder data for the company, set company cardholders limits and spend controls, and administer the program for the company.

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Client-branded, Mobile-responsive UI Browser-based

  • Administration of Spending Controls for business cards
  • Multiple business admin Hierarchies
  • Role-based access to business cardholder balances and transactions
  • Billing/limit Options for individual or individual with aggregate group limits
  • Reporting (including Rebate reporting)
  • Integration with Expense Management Tools Spending Controls
  • Multiple Card Delivery Options
  • Card and Credit Limit Management
  • Large Ticket Tracking Reports
  • Spending Analysis Integration with G/L & Expense Management Solutions: Concur & Certify
  • Multi-factor authentication required for registration assurance; site key and passphrase additionally used to avoid phishing
  • Provides Security and Privacy policies, FAQs, and Contact Information