cardholder interfaceCorserv provides marketing features that increase cardholder acquisition, automate application screening, and provides always-on marketing.

  • Pre-screen: Financial institutions can execute a promotional inquiry to check a batch of cardholder prospects against credit screening criteria and propose a credit card offer to those who pass the screening test using a marketing campaign including email and paper solicitations.
  • Pre-Qualification: Financial institution can pre-qualify one or a group of cardholder prospects against credit criteria without creating a bureau inquiry record, and propose that they apply for their pre-qualified credit card offer to those who pass the screening test.  Learn more about the pre-qual feature.
  • Always-on marketing: Financial institutions can continually or periodically monitor cardholder credit screening and other profile criteria to qualify cardholders for promotional offer campaigns such as for local shopping bonus points or credit line increases.
  • Promotional Tracking: Track responses back to promotions to provide bonuses associated with the promotion, and to track the performance of the promotions.  Promotions can be by branch, by business, by employee, by geography.