why corserv10 Reasons to Partner with Corserv

  1. Corserv has made 10 years of investments in our credit card programs by industry veterans and continues to enhance our solutions. Corserv is led by credit card experts.;
  2. Automated system controls/reports provided to mitigate regulatory and fraud risks;
  3. Business and commercial account spending controls and rewards programs by merchant, merchant category and geography;
  4. Card products are highly competitive and well positioned to move market share;
  5. The credit card P&L has the potential to provide a 4% – 5% lift in existing FI earnings based on credit card loans achieving 1% of total assets based on a pre-tax ROA is 4x average FI pre-tax ROA;
  6. Credit card portfolio can increase the FI’s enterprise value – typical premium to par value paid in the event of a sale;
  7. Protects and enhances existing customer relationships;
  8. Enhanced digital/paperless solution for marketing, applications, account information/servicing, regulatory disclosures, and payments especially attractive for the younger generations;
  9. A “winning/compelling/sell-able product” lifts morale, inspires confidence and puts FIs more in control of their destiny in home markets;
  10. Additional local credit availability builds local communities and can include a community rewards program.