1. Three Steps to Building a Commercial Card Business In-House

    The credit card world is changing! Community banks can leverage new technology platforms that are substantially cheaper than previous programs, enabling issuers to launch products faster. Corserv’s Chief Business Officer David Luther discussed steps community banks can take to build a commercial card business in-house. Read the full Bank Director article below:

    Three Steps to Building a Commercial Card Business In-House • 4 min read

  2. Power of Relationship Credit Card Lending

    Power of Relationship Lending: Corserv’s proprietary underwriting model considers bank customer relationship data leading to low credit risk and high returns for our credit card bank clients!
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  3. Corserv CEO and Co-Founder Jerry Craft was featured on the Bankadelic episode

    Corserv CEO and Co-Founder Jerry Craft was featured on the latest Bankadelic episode with @LouCarlozo to discuss how Community Banks providing business credit card programs can assist not only their community but their revenue stream. Listen to the podcast to learn more:

  4. Corserv Solutions has been named a finalist for the TAG FinTech ADVANCE awards

    Corserv Solutions has been named a finalist in the TAG FinTech ADVANCE awards.

    The TAG FinTech ADVANCE program recognizes innovative U.S. FinTech companies with ties to Georgia.

    Unlike start-ups, ADVANCE companies have customers, revenues and can demonstrate results that they are helping the financial industry move forward through innovation. The award winners will be announced on June 14th and will be featured onstage in a series of interviews in the ADVANCE Awards Showcase at Fintech South on June 23 from 3:30pm – 5:30pm Eastern Time.


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  5. PYMNTS article on Corserv Commercial Cards

    Corserv is uniquely positioned to assist banks in providing card services to their customers in the most streamlined way possible. Chief Business Officer David Luther sat down with the PYMNTS folks to discuss more, read below:


  6. Commercial Cards offer a significant opportunity for banks to serve non-profits, municipalities and mid- to large companies!

  7. Corserv Launches Fleet Cards

    New commercial card functionality from Corserv Solutions for our banks to offer to their businesses and municipalities who own/operate a fleet of vehicles! #commercialbanking #communitybanking #creditcards

  8. Credit card program options for community and regional financial institutions: which one would you choose?

    Corserv offers a unique hybrid credit card issuing program that for the first time enables banks to make the credit decisions for their customers and own the financial benefits from credit card issuing without adding staff or infrastructure.

  9. Banks: Are your commercial customers paying extra for an expense reporting feature

    With Corserv’s technology, Expense Reporting comes built-in with our commercial, purchasing and business cards – at no additional cost for businesses of all sizes. #commercialbanking