Corserv provides a turnkey solution for card programs to minimize the disruption, cost, and resources for our clients.

Corserv’s credit card programs (Direct Issuer, Account Issuer, Agent Bank +, Technology Licensee) are all built on top of Corserv’s technology solution features and 3rd party services.  Our turnkey solution includes:

1) Card Network Access

VISAMastercardGet Mastercard or Visa program/network access through a partner sponsor bank or with your client financial institution as a direct issuer.

card-issuing program2) A Tailored Card-Issuing Program

Corserv provides a cost-effective, digital/paperless solution for marketing, applications, account information/servicing, regulatory disclosures, and payments especially attractive for the younger generations. This is more than an agent bank program. Our clients determines which card products to offer and work with Corserv to tweak card product qualification parameters (e.g. credit scores, limits, etc.). Corserv experts advises you along the way. Our software can take a client customer’s other bank relationships into consideration along with their credit score to provide a uniquely insightful decision on their credit worthiness. It is all parameter driven through a graphical portal.

Credit Report3) Credit Decisioning and Origination System

​Automated decisions for consumer, business and corporate credit card applications.

Learn more about the Corserv Decisioning and Origination System.

Client Admin Interface4) Sales and Servicing Portals:

– Client Employee Sales and Servicing
– Business Program Administrator Self-Servicing
– Cardholder Self-Servicing
– Online Reporting and Analysis

Learn more about the FI/Client Admin Interface.

5) Hosting

​Secure Hosting: All Corserv network and computer operations are managed by Corserv employees and are hosted in private, secure data centers by Digital Realty. With over 210 data centers in 14 countries and an industry-leading 11 years of 5 9’s (99.999%) availability, Digital Realty is our superior hosting partner.  Corserv’s systems and network operations are scalable and fully redundant to provide secure, responsive, uninterrupted service.

PCI Compliant6) Our secure, PCI compliant software.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of security standards designed to ensure that ALL companies that accept, process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment. Corserv is PCI-Certified. Corserv tokenizes card/account numbers.