We Are Turnkey.

Corserv delivers a turnkey credit card program for financial institutions of all sizes to provide superior credit card products to consumer & business customers.


We Are Proven.

Corserv Management averages over 30 years of experience, which delivered a net operating margin of 5.0% for our client’s portfolios over the past 2 years.


We are Credit Card Issuing.

Corserv provides full-featured credit card programs for consumer, business, and commercial customers.



  • Turnkey Solutions

    We provide a full-service, turnkey credit card program. We host it, issue your branded credit cards, provide recommended configuration settings, provide regulatory reporting data – everything you need to quickly implement a profitable card issuing business for your consumer and commercial customers.

  • Full Featured Card Products

    Compete with the largest banks with your branded card programs. Select any or all programs including:

    • Consumer: Low Rate, World/Signature, Platinum Rewards, Platinum
    • Business: Low Rate, World/Signature, Platinum Rewards, Platinum
    • Commercial: Commercial, Commercial Rewards
  • Portfolio Management

    Whether optimizing an existing credit card portfolio or considering the development of a new credit card business, our Corserv Solutions Portfolio Management team will help you accelerate growth and profitability while managing risk (execution, systems, compliance, marketing, credit and fraud and operations).

  • Proven Technology

    Enhance your brand and bottom line with Corserv Solutions’ Proven Technology solution that:

    • Enables financial institutions to offer competitive credit card products to their relationship customers and own high yielding diversified assets.
    • Supports our Credit Card Programs with four integrated IT modules.

Did you know?

We are experiencing high annual growth as banks add our easily implemented and managed card issuing solution as a new profitable business line for their businesses and consumers.

  • 28

    Program    Implementations

  • >$112B

    Client Assets ($B)

  • Billions

    Credit Card Loan Volume ($B)

  • 3-4

    Typical Implementation Time (months)

Our Clients Include

Click the logos to see what some of our clients are doing with Corserv’s credit card solutions

Corserv has credit card solutions for:

  • Community financial institutions with $100M or more in assets that wish to own their customer credit card loans (Account Issuer)

  • Community financial institutions that do not seek to own their own customer credit card loans (Community Card)

  • Larger regional financial institutions that seek access to custom technology, have customized products and leverage Corserv’s portfolio management advisory services

  • Non-financial institutions, such as large co-brand and affinity partners that have an existing bank issuing partnership


A structured, simple process

Through years of experience, we have standardized our implementation process to implement quickly, inexpensively, and securely while providing a branded and parameterized custom solution for our clients.