Innovative solutions in credit card issuing services…

Corserv has a solution for FI’s contemplating a credit card issuing strategy change e.g. new market entrant, portfolio sale, grow & improve an existing portfolio. Our biggest competitor is the “status quo”. Each solution includes access to our experienced team of credit card practitioners, portfolio management policies/practices, technology and an alignment of financial interests focused on profitable relationship-driven growth.


Corserv has established a partnership with a multi-billion dollar specialty non-branch bank to issue client branded consumer and small business credit cards for financial institutions. We purchase existing credit card portfolios and provide an ongoing revenue sharing with clients. More Information


Corserv has designed a unique turnkey credit card solution to meet the needs of financial institutions seeking to cost effectively own their relationship loans and accelerate time to market while mitigating the risks of being a credit card issuer. More Information


Corserv provides FI’s with accelerated growth, enhanced control of their credit card program, accounts & customer experience. Corserv provides portfolio & processor management, policy & procedure recommendations plus a data warehouse decision support system. More Information