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  1. Power of Relationship Credit Card Lending

    Power of Relationship Lending: Corserv’s proprietary underwriting model considers bank customer relationship data leading to low credit risk and high returns for our credit card bank clients!
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  2. Corserv Solutions has been named a finalist for the TAG FinTech ADVANCE awards

    Corserv Solutions has been named a finalist in the TAG FinTech ADVANCE awards.

    The TAG FinTech ADVANCE program recognizes innovative U.S. FinTech companies with ties to Georgia.

    Unlike start-ups, ADVANCE companies have customers, revenues and can demonstrate results that they are helping the financial industry move forward through innovation. The award winners will be announced on June 14th and will be featured onstage in a series of interviews in the ADVANCE Awards Showcase at Fintech South on June 23 from 3:30pm – 5:30pm Eastern Time.


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