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Columbia Bank partners wth Corserv

Columbia BankFair Lawn, N.J. – based Columbia Bank ($8.8 billion in assets) is now leveraging business and commercial credit cards powered by CorServ, a company that empowers banks and fintechs with payment programs for commercial, small business, and consumer customers.

After learning of CorServ’s program from an existing CorServ client, Columbia Bank selected and implemented CorServ’s card program to offer sophisticated Columbia-branded card products, including purchasing cards, virtual cards, ghost cards, an expense reporting system, self-service admin portals, limits controls and alerts, and ePayables, initially for commercial and business customers.

“Our customers value our approach to delivering the best products in a personal way. As their bank of choice, we want to be sure we are not only continuing to deliver the products and services that we are known for, but identify the products and services our customers will want to see in the future,” said Matt Clements, Head of Retail Sales and Product, Columbia Bank. “With CorServ’s card products, we were able to implement and now manage the program without adding staff or infrastructure. We also value the ability to own the credit decisioning and P&L, including revenue from interchange, interest, and fees, without the need to create a credit card policy, compliance program, and disclosures.”

Prior to selecting CorServ, Columbia Bank considered implementing a direct issuer program offered by leading card processors. The direct issuer program would have required Columbia to separately contract for an underwriting solution and fraud control solution. The bank would have also been required to obtain its own BINs from Mastercard, implement a compliance program, hire additional staff, and implement settlement with Mastercard among additional considerations.

“Full-service card issuing programs, especially with technology and support for commercial cards, are becoming an increasingly important part of a successful financial institution,” said David Luther, Chief Business Officer, CorServ. “Columbia Bank understood this and sought not to only deliver the best card issuance experience to its customers but also own the growth and profits from the program. CorServ’s technology enables Columbia Bank’s program to share operating scale with multiple banks, leverage compliance support from a sponsor bank, and provide hosted and secure applications with automated underwriting, mobile capabilities, servicing, fraud management, rewards, reporting, marketing, and more.”

About Columbia Bank

Headquartered in Fair Lawn, NJ, Columbia Bank has an asset base of approximately 8.8 billion and 61 full-service offices throughout New Jersey. Columbia Bank offers a wide range of consumer and commercial products, including online and mobile banking, localized lending centers as well as title, investment, and wealth management services. For more information about Columbia Bank’s full line of products and services, visit their website at

Columbia Bank Contact: Matt Clements, Head of Retail Sales and Product, (1.201.796.3600),

About CorServ – CorServ provides a turnkey credit card issuing program that enables financial institutions to deliver competitive, branded credit cards to consumer, business and commercial customers. CorServ’s secure hosted programs combine our credit, compliance and marketing expertise with our modern online solution – everything our clients need to quickly build a successful card-issuing business. Our financial institution clients can increase their earnings per share by owning their customer loans and benefitting from loan interest, interchange, fee income and economies of scale from CorServ’s client base. Most importantly, our clients control their credit card customer relationships. For more information, please visit
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