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Corserv vs.Industry Credit Card Losses

How do you expertly manage credit card losses?

  1. Work with a team with deep experience to recommend proven underwriting strategies,
  2. Enable digital customer experience using full-featured technology, and
  3. Cross-sell to deepen relationships with your customers leveraging proprietary data!
About CorServ – CorServ provides a turnkey credit card issuing program that enables financial institutions to deliver competitive, branded credit cards to consumer, business and commercial customers. CorServ’s secure hosted programs combine our credit, compliance and marketing expertise with our modern online solution – everything our clients need to quickly build a successful card-issuing business. Our financial institution clients can increase their earnings per share by owning their customer loans and benefitting from loan interest, interchange, fee income and economies of scale from CorServ’s client base. Most importantly, our clients control their credit card customer relationships. For more information, please visit
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